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118. Understanding Why You and Your Teen Keep Fighting about the Same Thing; Learn About your Family's Dynamics

Join Tess Connolly LCSW and Justine Carino a licensed mental health counsellor, anxiety treatment specialist and host of “Thoughts from the Couch” podcast on this insightful episode as they unravel the complexities of family systems, family therapy and its profound implications for parenting. Gain valuable insights into improving family relationships and fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for your children as they journey through adolescence. 


⭐️Justine shares insights into the work she does with families and the significance of understanding family systems in fostering healthier relationships.

⭐️Tess and Justine delve into the concept of family systems and how they serve as models for individual growth and development.

⭐️Tess and Justine present real-life examples of families that have undergone resets, leading to improved family connections and better relationships.

⭐️They discuss the relevance of family systems theory when raising tweens and teens, emphasizing the need for readjusting the parenting role during these transformative years.

⭐️ Tess and Justine reflect on the grief parents may feel as their children gain independence and transition into their teenage years.

⭐️They explore the various dynamics within families, encouraging listeners to reflect on their roles within the family unit.

⭐️Tess and Justine highlight the significance of self-reflection and personal growth as parents, and how this can contribute to repairing family connections.

⭐️Justine is most grateful that she has found a career that she loves. 


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