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120. The 4 Best Tips When Your Going Through an IEP for Your Tween or Teen.

Join host Tess Connolly LCSW as she engages in an enlightening conversation with special guest Heather Wright, M.Ed. With over 16 years of experience, Heather is a seasoned special education consultant who transitioned from being a middle school special education teacher. Together, Tess and Heather delve into the intricacies of crafting an effective Individualized Education Plan (IEPs).


⭐ Heather Wright shares her journey from teaching to consulting and delves into the core aspects that parents and guardians should consider while navigating the world of IEPs during the middle school years.

⭐️ Tess and Heather explore the crucial role that consultants and coaches play in the IEP process. They shed light on the support these professionals provide to parents seeking assistance for their children.

⭐ The importance of establishing a robust communication plan within the IEP framework is emphasized. Tess and Heather discuss strategies to foster collaboration among everyone involved, ensuring the best outcomes for the student.

⭐ Heather explains the significance of a Parent Input Statement within the IEP and how it contributes to creating a personalized education plan that addresses the student's unique needs.

⭐ Tess and Heather delve into the broader scope of IEPs, revealing how these programs extend beyond academics to nurture vital social, emotional, and life skills essential for a student's future independent living, future jobs and future life skills. 

⭐ Heather outlines essential steps that parents can take to navigate the IEP process effectively. She underscores the value of specificity.

⭐ Tess and Heather discuss strategies for maintaining a healthy balance between academic workload and other activities in the context of middle school are discussed, offering valuable insights for both parents and students.

⭐ The conversation shifts to organization, as Heather shares practical tips for helping students manage their schedules effectively. They also highlight the support that case managers can provide in this aspect. 

⭐ Heather sheds light on leveraging IEPs to create opportunities for students to participate in school-sponsored events such as social clubs and proms that help develop essential skills and contribute to a well-rounded experience. 

⭐️ Heather is most grateful for the support of her husband and her family through changing her career path and coming out of teaching and she is grateful for all the parents and students she is supporting.    

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