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121. Courageous Parenthood: A Path of Self-Discovery

Join host Tess Connolly LCSW as she engages in an enlightening conversation with special guest Glenda Lane. She teaches women who feel confined and exhausted by trying to do it all, that there is another way with more ease and spaciousness that doesn’t cost their health and well being.


⭐Discover Glenda Lane's personal journey that led her to empower women to find freedom from within.

⭐️ Tess and Glenda delve into navigating life's challenges, which can be both daunting and transformative experiences.

⭐ Learn how to recognize when you're on the wrong life path—when you're merely surviving not flourishing. 

⭐ Glenda shares how her definition of motherhood has evolved over time and stresses the importance of not projecting our own issues onto our children.

⭐Tess and Glenda emphasize the importance of recognizing the unique journeys of our children, each with their own distinct needs and approaches.

⭐ Tess and Glenda talk about recognizing moments of parental overwhelm and understanding how personal stress can affect our interactions with our children and how we can look at making positive changes.

⭐ Tess and Glenda emphasize the importance of self-awareness in understanding your reactions, triggers, and how it plays a role in creating new habits and personal shifts. 

⭐ Tess and Glenda explore how breaking generational patterns can create positive ripples that can be seen throughout your family.

⭐ ️ Glenda is most grateful for the parents that love their kids so much and are trying to do their best and are also taking an active role in that and going on this journey of self discovery because it takes courage.     

Find out more about Glenda here 👉 Freedom from Within - Coaching with Glenda Lane

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