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124. Staying True to Yourself as a Parent During the Tween and Teen Years

Join host Tess Connolly, LCSW, in an illuminating conversation as she welcomes Jill Douglas, a women's alignment coach and retreat leader, to delve into a vital topic: 'Preserving Your Identity as a Single Parent During the Tween and Teen Years.'

⭐In the beginning, we delve into the fascinating journey of Jill Douglas, recounting her story of becoming a single parent and how she navigated those challenging early days.

⭐️Tess and Jill discuss the crucial aspects of navigating the journey of single parenthood during the tween and teen years, providing insights and guidance for those facing similar circumstances.

⭐ Listen in as Tess and Jill offer invaluable advice on rediscovering yourself and rebuilding your life as a solo parent. Discover the steps to reclaiming your identity and building a fulfilling life.

⭐We also delve into the topic of building meaningful friendships as a solo parent within your community and finding the confidence to ask for help when needed.

⭐Gain insights from the most valuable lessons that Tess and Jill have learned on their own single-parent journeys. Their experiences and wisdom can offer guidance and inspiration to others on a similar path.

⭐ ️ Jill is most grateful for Tess and the fact that they have crossed paths and is super grateful for where she is in her life and her relationship with her kids and being alive.    

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