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75. Conscious Parenting

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Tania Lopez a Parenting Coach and a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, counselor and teacher. They discuss conscious parenting and explain what this is and how this can help the way we parent within our families. 


  • Tania introduces herself and tells us about the work that she does with families. 
  • Tania explains unconscious and self-conscious parenting. 
  • Tania and Tess discuss conscious parenting and what it is and how it can help our parenting skills. 
  • Tania gives an example of how we can move from an unconscious place in our parenting towards a more conscious place in our parenting. 
  • Tess and Tania discuss the changes that occur and the behaviour changes that come along when our children reach their tween and teen years. 
  • Tess and Tania talk about parents that feel like they are to blame for their child’s behaviour because of behavior that they emulated when they were younger and that they feel like they are to blame for what they are experiencing from their own Children.  
  • Tania talks about parents needing to unlearn what they know and enter into new learning so they can move forward in their parenting journey.  
  • Tania talks about parents having the feeling of shame and how she works on this through her hypnotherapy sessions that she does with parents to help them release this feeling. 
  • Tania and Tess speak about guilt and how this affects our parenting and they give us some questions that we can ask ourselves as parents to help us work through these feelings and sit in a place of curiosity. 
  • Tess talks about it being a process and to keep making small shifts to help move your parenting skills forward. 
  • Tania talks about her program that she offers parents and how it moves through four phases Clarity, Connection, Collaboration and Compassion.  
  • Tania is most grateful for the work that she does and living in a climate that is so mild and all the great things that are in her life. 


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