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74. Writing Benefits with Tweens and Teens

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with K. Lafleur Anders who is a three times best selling author, podcast host  of “Reset with K” and founder and CEO of Chestnut Publishing House and a creative wellness coach at Lefleur-Anders and CO. They talk about the importance of family journaling and how journaling together can be a therapeutic bonding experience for the entire family. 


  • K introduces herself and tells us about herself and how she has been led to the work that she does now. 
  • K explains what a family journal is and how it can help with family bonding on a deeper level. 
  • Tess and K discuss how we can introduce a journal into our families lives and how it can help with connection and create memories to hold onto. 
  • K and Tess discuss the different types of journals that we can have in our family to help with bonding and connection and also they talk about individual journals.
  • Tess and K talk about the benefits of journaling and how it can help with anxiety and how it offers a way for everyone to express themselves. It can be a way to connect each other to better understand what each other are going through. It provides a safe place without judgement. 
  • Tess and K talk about different ways that we can show gratitude and connect to each other as a family.
  • Tess talks about the importance of bearing witness to each other’s lives showing each other that we are right there for each other going through this journey together. K shares with us the thought that we all want our feelings acknowledged and how important this is to show our children ways that we do this, so it can be passed down the generations. 
  • Tess and K talk about the impact of physically writing versus typing on a keyboard or creating voice notes. 
  • Tess and K explain how we can make this fun and how we can present it to our family so it makes a difference within our family unit and how we need to create equal ownership, making it fun and unique to your family. 
  • K talks about three children’s books that she recommends to families. 
  • K tells us we deserve to have journaling as part of our lives and our families deserve another option for bonding. Writing is such a great way to express yourself and create connections. 
  • K is most grateful for clarity because she has spent a lot of time in this life being everything for everyone else and it wasnt that she got clarity for herself that she started being a better wife and a better parent and better friend. Because of clarity she has peace. 


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