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66. 5 Mindset Shifts when Raising Tweens and Teens (Part 2)

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Nellie Harden for a second episode. Nellie works specifically with families who have 9-18yrs old girls within a program she calls ‘Map to Maturity’. Tess and Nellie talk about how the program works and how we can help our daughters lead their best lives. 


  • Nellie introduces herself and tells us a bit about the work she does with families to help them equip their daughters for when they leave home.
  • Tess and Nellie talk about her program ‘Map to Maturity’ and what she does for families to help their daughters as they mature and leave home so they are strong, confident women. 
  • Tess and Nellie talk about the questionnaire that comes as part of her program and how doing the questionnaire can help map out each family's road to helping them find their way and become stronger, helping their daughters through their tween and teenage years.  
  • Tess and Nellie talk about the importance of parents having to re introduce themselves to their children as they move through their life. As they are changing so are we as adults and as the whole family moves through phases in their lives everyone is having multiple shifts.
  • Nellie talks about the key steps in her program (Be, Do, Have) Talking about the vision then onto the discipline, communication and the tool box to help with this and finally onto education and setting up your life to being a learning experience and financial mindset, joy and relationships. 
  • Tess and Nellie talk about parents having the mindset that they are raising adults and that having this in your mind helps us as parents move through our parenting journey. 
  • Nellie tells us about her free parenting workshop ‘Ignite her Joy’ which is a stepping stone to her programme ‘Map to Maturity’. 
  • Nellie is most grateful for summer coming around and that she is just about to wrap up seven years of homeschooling with her four daughters. 

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