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68. Cooking Camp/School for Tweens

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Claire Tansey about her cooking school and cooking camp. They discuss her online cooking camp and her cooking school for adults. They discuss the importance of tweens and teens cooking independently and learning this skill. 

  • Claire talks about what she does and how she got to where she is now teaching tweens and teens and adults cooking skills. 
  • Claire tells us about her books that she has written that help us make cooking easier and uncomplicated. 
  • Tess and Claire talk about how we struggle to get our tween and teens to cook and how she helps children learn to cook and eat healthy home cooked meals through her online cooking school. 
  • Claire talks about all the benefits that they can get from learning how to cook for themselves. 
  • Claire talks about her passion for instilling a positive relationship with food in children as they reach their tween and teen years. 
  • Claire tells us about how her cooking camp works and how she delivers her sessions to tweens and teens. 
  • Claire talks about her adult cooking classes and how these are great for adults to learn to make cooking easier and less complicated. 
  • Claire is most grateful for her parents and her Dad’s love of food and the love that they have for each other as a family. 

To find out more about Claire follow this link - Easy recipes | Claire Tansey's Kitchen

To join Claire’s cooking camp follow this link - T(w)eens Cooking Camp » Powered by ThriveCart (


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