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70. Emotion Commotion - A fun way to teach our kids about emotions

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Melissa Price the founder and creator of a game called “Emotion Commotion” that helps teach our children and ourselves about emotions. Melissa and Tess discuss the importance of us identifying our emotions and learning how to tune into our body and recognize our feelings. 


  • Melissa introduces herself and the work that she does with families and how the game she has created came about. 
  • Melissa talks about emotion and what emotion is to her and how we can deal with the emotions that we feel. 
  • Melissa shares with us how her game works and how it helps children learn emotional intelligence, connecting you to yourself, to your body and to your emotions and to each other. 
  • Tess and Melissa talk about the importance of learning about emotions and how this game can really benefit us in helping us learn about our emotions and making it easier to define what it is we are feeling and how we can help ourselves when we are feeling these emotions in our day to day lives. 
  • Melissa gives us some examples of when she has used this game and how she has used it to help others. 
  • Melissa talks about what is coming up for her next and other offers that she is creating. 
  • Melissa is most grateful for the pain and experiences that she has had in her life that have led her to the point where she can truly help others in only the way she can help. 

Follow this link to purchase the game and listen to the episode to learn the code to receive 10% off - 👉Emotion Commotion Game


Learn more about Melissa Price by following this link to her website - Get to know Melissa – Emotion Commotion (


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