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77. Raising Capable Adults

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Kate Garzon M.Ed, who is a "GPS" for the parents of toddlers through teens about how to raise capable adults. 


  • Kate introduces herself and gives us some background about her experience with children and the work that she does with families. 
  • Kate tells us about her business and how she supports families through her work. 
  • Tess and Kate discuss how as parents our job is to raise capable adults and they talk about ways we can support our tweens and teens. 
  • Tess and Kate talk about how we can help our tweens and teens through experiences they go through in their lives. They talk about the importance of being there for them, supporting them and being with them but not doing it for them. 
  • They discuss the importance of not enabling our children but being a collaborative problem solver and consultant for our Tweens and Teens. 
  • Tess and Kate talk about how we can be there as a support for our children without solving the problem for them but helping them solve the problem. 
  • Kate offers us tips on how we can support our children as they grow through the tween and teen years. 
  • Tess and Kate talk about giving your brain time for nothing else to do and how this then helps with emotional regulation, problem solving and critical thinking. Tess and Kate give us some examples of what this looks like for our tweens and teens and the importance of collaborative problem solving and decision making.
  • Kate explains what “body budgets” are and the concept behind this. Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett is the neuroscientist that came up with this concept and Dr. Mona Delahooke is now taking it and applying it to parenting and education.
  • Tess and Kate discuss boundary setting and relationship building and how this helps our tweens and teens feel protected and safe and gives them a sense of knowing that they can come to you whenever they need support and guidance by building that connection. 
  • Tess and Kate talk about the value of chores and service to others and Tess talks about her approach to “chores” and how her family calls them “Family Cares” and explains that “Family Cares” are about caring for the family and the family home.  
  • Kate is most grateful for this opportunity to connect with someone else that is doing similar work and that it is lovely to collaborate and she is also grateful for their being ice cream in the freezer for later as it is 98 degrees where she is now. 

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